There’s room to grow in the Texas apartment industry.

Join us LIVE for our monthly web series “Hints from HR” and “How to Speak Maintenance.”

Hints from HR features HR professionals’ tips and tricks for both job seekers and employers. We feature a new HR professional and topic each week. How to Speak Maintenance focuses on why we should all learn to speak maintenance, how it can build better relationships between office and maintenance teams and create a better experience for residents. Each episode will focus on a different topic and will have different guests joining us.

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For more than 19 years, The Texas Apartment Association Education Foundation (TAAEF) has worked to raise awareness about the apartment industry in Texas.

The TAAEF mission is to help individuals realize their full potential by supporting them as they learn the skills necessary to excel while contributing to apartment communities and supplier companies at all levels.

Our foundation benefits the industry as a whole by increasing profitability, visibility and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Find a career in the apartment industry

No matter your interests or your background, you can find a career in the apartment industry. The Texas apartment industry has job opportunities that are rewarding, challenging and will allow you to use your experience in a meaningful way -- giving you plenty of room to grow.

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We’re Empowering New Leaders

With the support of our generous donors, we’ve developed campaigns aimed to create job and industry awareness, and programs to provide individuals with a stepping-stone into the apartment industry.